Tune, Entrekin & White attorneys assist clients in the federal registration of copyrights and the federal and state registration of trademarks. The firm also represents clients in federal court in copyright and trademark infringement cases. Since “creations of the mind” aren’t tangible objects, it can be difficult to respond to unauthorized use or misuse of your intellectual property. Our Nashville attorneys will help you proactively and reactively protect your rights.

Types of intellectual property matters include:

    • Patents. Acquiring a patent to protect your ideas for new products or procedures can be expensive and time consuming. However, if your idea is unique and valuable, it’s worth the time and money to seek a patent. Our Nashville intellectual property lawyers will help you protect your new and innovative inventions.
    • Trademarks. Intellectual property that distinguishes your business from another can be protected through a trademark. This protects your business’s identity in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Similarly, a trade dress protects the features that define a product you create.
    • Trade Secrets. Any unique process that derives economic value can be defined and protected as a trade secret. The Uniform Trade Secrets Act can be used to protect formulas, patterns, programs, methods, devices, or any proprietary technique that drives the success of your business.
    • Copyrights. Our Nashville intellectual property attorneys can help you protect artwork, music, and words. With so many parties involved in creative processes, it’s important to proactively protect your work with the help of copyright lawyers in Nashville. Working with a copyright attorney in Music City is critical to your success and protecting your original work.

Tune, Entrekin & White attorneys use a team approach to complex, high-stakes intellectual property cases. We understand that every case is unique, so we work closely with you in all aspects of patent, trademark, and intellectual property processes.

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