We are one of the oldest and most renowned law firms in Tennessee serving the construction industry. Many attorneys at Tune, Entrekin & White represent clients in all aspects of construction law, including document preparation, contract negotiation, competitive bidding, defect claims, delay and inefficiency claims, mechanics’ and materialmen’s liens and warranty matters. Our attorneys have obtained favorable verdicts and decisions for owners, contractors, subcontractors, construction managers, developers and suppliers in federal and state courts and before numerous arbitration panels.

Nashville Construction Attorneys

Tune, Entrekin & White provide legal services focused on the construction industry and construction process that recognize, avoid, and resolve disputes arising from a project. This allows you to focus on what you do best: completing the project and protecting its bottom line.

The economic boom in Nashville and the state of Tennessee has contractors, subcontractors, construction managers, specialty trade contractors, owners, and other parties flocking to the Volunteer State. Tune, Entrekin & White provides guidance and assistance in construction legal matters including, but not limited to:

  • Breach of Warranty
  • Compliance
  • Project Documentation
  • Claims Preparation
  • Environmental Risks
  • Contract Drafting
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Mediation
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Architect / Engineer Malpractice
  • Government Contracts
  • Lost productivity
  • Contract Review
  • Cost Overrun Disputes
  • Construction Accidents
  • Risk Identification
  • Litigation & Arbitration
  • Delay

Only Tune, Entrekin & White offers a unique combination of skill and experience on complex and simple construction legal matters. Our Nashville construction lawyers are experienced in handling major developments that include many parties, regulations and permits. Our construction and development attorneys ensure that your project meets regulatory requirements and that you have the necessary legal documents and contracts prepared.

Construction Lien Attorney

Tune, Entrekin & White’s attorneys are experienced in asserting and defending against real property liens which result from real estate disputes.  Please contact our firm if you desire to assert a mechanics’ and materialmen’s lien or need legal assistance in defending against a lien or lawsuit brought to enforce a lien.

Construction Defect Attorney

Our lawyers also have decades of collective experience in construction litigation wherein an alleged construction defect has been asserted.  We have experience representing owners, general contractors, and subcontractors in innumerable construction defect cases, ranging from small, residential issues to complex commercial defect suits involving numerous parties. Contact us today to learn more.

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