Three Tune, Entrekin & White attorneys are registered as lobbyists for clients at the state and local level with respect to legislation in the Tennessee legislature and the Metropolitan Nashville City Council. We can successfully manage and moderate government relations for all kinds of businesses and organizations. Tune, Entrekin & White provides representation on issues that involve federal, state and local government agencies.

Government Relations Attorneys in Tennessee

Tune, Entrekin & White, PC attorneys represent private companies, both for-profit and nonprofit organizations, and any entity dealing with issues related to federal, state and local laws. Businesses in Nashville and the greater state of Tennessee face legislative and regulatory challenges that require the guidance and counsel of an experienced government relations attorney. The lawyers at Tune, Entrekin & White provide comprehensive and effective strategic advice and advocacy. Our government relations team has years of experience helping businesses navigate the challenging combination of public policy, law, competition and ever-changing government rules, regulations and legislation.

From lobbying to advocacy on regulatory issues to PAC and election finance compliance counseling, Tune, Entrekin & White is your advocate in government relations. Clients choose to partner with Tune, Entrekin & White for:

    • Substantive Depth. Effective representation in government handlings requires experience and knowledge in public policy. Our government relations lawyers have been involved in many public-private developments that impact business and policy. Furthermore, our experience in government relations and public policy allows us to anticipate both government threats and opportunities.
    • Transparent and Communicative Relationships. Our attorneys work diligently to understand the unique needs and goals of every client, allowing us to advance their interests effectively. We work deeply with each client to foster a partnership that results in substantive growth.
    • Experience in Government Relations and Policy. Our experience in government relations allows us to represent and counsel clients on a full spectrum of legal and public policy matters. Our integrated and multidisciplinary approach empowers businesses to navigate the interplay of public policy, regulation, laws and competition.

At Tune, Entrekin & White, we seek to help each client achieve policy, business and political objectives. With a convincing and persuasive approach, each lobbyist is able to effectively advocate our client’s issues. Contact Tune, Entrekin & White today to learn more.

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