Eminent Domain and Condemnation

For more than 35 years, Tune, Entrekin & White has represented owners of real property throughout Tennessee whose land has been taken by the government under the power of eminent domain or through condemnation proceedings.  Unfortunately, it is only in extremely rare cases that a governmental entity can be prevented from using these powers to take real property from private citizens.  However, the United States and Tennessee constitutions, as well as state and federal statutes, protect property owners by requiring the government to fairly compensate the land owner for the property taken.  In many cases, fair compensation will include paying fair market value for the land taken, in addition to additional amounts to cover the damages caused to the remaining property.

Nashville Eminent Domain and Condemnation Attorneys

Typically, the role of an attorney in an eminent domain or condemnation case is to maximize the amount of compensation the government must pay for taking privately owned land.  This can be achieved through a mutual settlement with the governmental entity involved, or it may require a trial.

Tune, Entrekin & White’s attorneys have a strong background in all aspects of real estate law, and as a result, they are well-situated to recognize and deliver your best argument for maximum compensation.  Experts witnesses are generally required in eminent domain and condemnation cases.  Our attorneys have the experience necessary to recruit the respected property appraisers, engineers, and other experts required to put on a strong case.  In these types of cases, our representation includes evaluating the proposed taking and analyzing how the specific project will impact our clients’ property values and business activities. Once these issues have been explored and discussed with our client, we will develop a case-specific strategy to maximize compensation.

If you have been served with a summons in an eminent domain case, or if your business or property is being damaged by a public project, please consider contacting Tune, Entrekin & White’s attorneys.  We would like to put our experience to work for you.

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