Tune, Entrekin & White, P.C. Presents Opening Night of Harding Art Show – May 4th, 2017

                                          Tune, Entrekin & White, P.C. is proud to be presenting the opening night receptionEd nash Image of this year’s Harding Art Show, with featured local artist Ed Nash

Commemorating its 42nd annual year, The Harding Arts Show will be held for the benefit of Harding Academy student programs, facilities and arts education, and will promote approximately 70 of the the country’s most creative visual artists.

A noteworthy difference that sets the Harding Arts Show apart from other events, is that all artists showing will be present during their exhibition to meet and visit with the 3000 annual patrons of the show.

The foremost contributor to the show, local artist Ed Nash originally hails form Letchworth Garden City, England.  The atmosphere of the town was largely influenced by its Quaker beginnings and was credited for spearheading the Arts and Crafts Movement.  Ed’s unique interpretation and viewpoint was initially guided by the community, and the importance that it placed on aesthetics and beauty.  Throughout the course of his life, Mr. Nash’s talent has not gone unnoticed.  He flourished at a young age, and earned number of accolades including an art scholarships to both Bedford School and Reading University in England where he  further developed his perspective and viewpoint as an artist.

All of these factors continue  to impact Mr. Nash’s work today.  His work is primarily abstract. He now lives and works to create beautiful works of art  in Nashville.
He is also as an art dealer and appraiser.  More information about Mr. Nash and his work can be found on his website here.

For more information about the Harding Art Show, other artists that will be presenting, or events and parking, please visit their webpage.