The Nashville Bar Journal Features Article by Thomas V. White


In its latest issue, The Nashville Bar Journal, features Thomas V. White’s “Nashville, the “It” City, Neighborhood by Neighborhood”

Thomas V. White’s article, “Nashville, the “It” City, Neighborhood by Neighborhood” has been highlighted as the feature story for the Nashville Bar Journal’s October/November 2017 issue.  The article imparts a number of the land use  and zoning issues that Nashville faces as it continues to grow by approximately 100 new residents per day.  Mr. White cites specific instances where these issues have been faced and addressed in Nashville’s recent past, and how they may impact land use and development going forward.  One such example is a relatively new enactment by the Tennessee General Assembly that changes the State’s approach to the rights of a property owner after the issuance of a building permit or the approval of development plans when zoning regulations are changed.  Mr. White stresses that anyone involved in land use should be aware of the enactment because it “…significantly alters the manner in which vested rights are applied and enforced here in Tennessee.”

Mr. White is one of the founding partners of Tune, Entrekin & White, P.C. and has long been considered to be one of  Nashville’s most accomplished attorneys and is a trusted authority on  land use and zoning.  Mr. White also specializes in matters concerning  construction, eminent domain, government relations, as well as litigation.  

Read the full article “Nashville, The “It” City, Neighborhood by Neighborhood” by Thomas V. White.

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