Several Tune, Entrekin & White attorneys have extensive experience representing landlords and tenants in the negotiation and drafting of commercial and residential leases.  And, where disputes arise over such lease transactions, Tune, Entrekin & White has highly qualified attorneys to represent one of the parties to resolve the dispute either through negotiation or litigation.

Landlord Rights In Tennessee

From managing property to resolving landlord-tenant disputes, our Nashville attorneys can help you understand your rights and protect your property. Though tenants benefit from laws that protect their right to stay in a home, the landlord still retains ownership of the building. This is why Tennessee works diligently to protect landlord rights and the real estate investments they have made.

Need legal help pertaining to lease agreements, property repairs, evictions, or return of security deposits? A Nashville lawyer can help.

Commercial Lease Agreements and Detainer Warrants

Our attorneys are experienced in drafting or adapting commercial lease agreements for a wide-variety of businesses.  In addition to lease drafting and representing both property owners and tenants in commercial lease disputes, our attorneys routinely assist commercial landlords in evicting commercial tenants who are in breach of the lease.  In Tennessee, the process by which tenants are evicted is initiated by the drafting and filing of a Detainer Warrant, a process in which our attorneys have vast experience.

Tenant Rights in Nashville

Nashville is booming and finding a place to live can be a challenge. Whether you want a 3rd party to review your lease agreement or are looking to protect your tenant rights, Tune, Entrekin & White attorneys are skilled in Tennessee Landlord-Tenant laws.

Many tenants stall hiring a Nashville lawyer to save money, but there are situations where hiring a Nashville attorney is necessary to protect your tenant rights. Situations where you may need legal representation include:

    • Your landlord discriminates against you
    • Promises haven’t been fulfilled, including failure to make necessary repairs or property upgrades
    • You’ve been injured as a result of your landlord’s recklessness
    • Your personal property has been damaged as a result of living in the rental property
    • You have been constructively evicted by being subjected to unfair circumstances making it impossible to remain in the rented space
    • The Landlord has breached the implied covenant of quiet enjoyment to which you are entitled

If you are in need of a Nashville attorney, it is important to select one with experience in landlord-tenant affairs. Tune, Entrekin & White has highly qualified Nashville lawyers with expertise in representing landlords and tenants in Middle Tennessee.

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